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Private Practice Assistant

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Private Practice Assistant

Why Use MedSecretary?

MedSecretary can help with managing your calls, your diary and appointment bookings, billing and collections, bad debt, transcriptions and patient records updating. No need to worry about staff illness, holidays and long-term absences.

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Welcome to MedSecretary!

MedSecretary provides a bespoke and complete Personal Practice Assistant Service for Consultants and Practitioners. We keep everything together in an intuitive system, managing the telephones for appointment bookings, relaying messages by phone, mail email or SMS. We also undertake all the billing, debt chasing and day to day activities for medical consultants across the UK.

It is important for medical professionals to take care of the administrative side of business; however it is not their passion, nor is it their area of expertise. We firmly believe admin should not detract from your real call of duty.

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Have you ever thought of having a Personal Private Assistant (PPA) available whenever you needed one? Someone who is able to do much more than a phone answering service, someone who really gets to know your clinic and can assist your patients when they call? MedSecretary can provide all this and more.

Is managing your diary and patient appointments getting difficult or too time consuming?

With a dedicated MedSecretary Personal Private Assistant (PPA) looking after your calls, we will manage your diary to your requirements.

Hiring, training and managing staff all takes time, effort and money. Full-time, part-time, casual, permanent – add to that holidays, sick days, breaks and it soon becomes apparent that it is a significant investment to ensure you have the right admin people in your practice. MedSecretary has done all this so you don’t have to worry.

If you have old and difficult outstanding debt, we can help you to recover this. Our staff’s polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics when chasing your short or long term debt.

Not only are most practices losing income to improper billing – the staff are frustrated with the time it takes to do the billing and follow-up of outstanding funds.

With the MedSecretary Billing and Collection service, you will have none of these issues, allowing you to spend your time more productively - treating patients.

MedSecretary is a leading provider of medical transcription services. We have expert knowledge and a very high level of accurracy, skill and care that goes into the production of clinical documentation.